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Cleaning a microscope

Routine cleaning by owner-
the only lenses that you have to worry about are the eyepieces and the bottom of the objective. Zeiss microscopes come with an acid cover that screws onto your objective and can be removed for cleaning. When cleaning either your eyepieces or the acid cover, blow of the dust or grit first with a hand blower. (available at any good camera shop) Compressed air canisters will spray a light mist of liquid that can coat your lenses. To wipe the lenses, use a soft lens cloth (microfibre) or lenses tissue available at either a camera or optical store. When using lens cleaner, drip it sparingly on your cloth, never drip it directly onto the lens, it will leave a residue.

Periodic maintenance by technician-
Never open the body of a microscope. They are much more complicated than you can imagine. Routine cleaning, lubrication and alignment of a good microscope should be done every 2 to 3 years by a qualified technician to keep it in top operating condition.  Fees for routine servicing of Stereo-binocular microscope will usually range from $200 to $400 depending on the model and condition.

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